• Why Honduras


GDP per capita, ranking #127th in the world

8.2 million

People living in Honduras, with more than 20% living without clean water


Of infrastructure destroyed in previous natural disasters

What will Water2Life do?

Together with Watermission we aim to fundraise and donate more than $250.000 to drill wells and provide clean sources of water for hospitals and schools in Honduras.

Our first project will revolve around the San Isidro Hospital in Tocoa city. A community hospital lacking sufficient budget for repairs, maintenance and development. A community hospital that is understaffed, and without the necessary capacity to deal with the demand. A community hospital that has insufficient budget to acquire an improved source of clean water.

Together with our partner, WaterMission, we will provide a clean supply of water that will cover all of the hospitals needs. The NGO WaterMission is present on a daily basis in Tocoa, and have years of experience with these particular projects, so Grundfos and Water2Life guarantees that the project is in good and capable hands.

Through donations we aim improve the conditions of not only San Isidro Hospital over the next years, but also other hospitals and even schools, so that the local communities can have a better and healthier life.


A Brief History

Honduras has suffered more devastating natural disasters than most other countries. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch caused massive and widespread destruction. It was said that fifty years of progress in the country had been reversed. Mitch destroyed about 70% of the crops and an estimated 70–80% of the transportation infrastructure, including nearly all bridges and secondary roads. The 2008 Honduran floods were severe and once again damaged or destroyed around half of the roads as a result.

The country has also seen its share of political unrest. On the brink of civil war against local militias in the 1980’s to constitutional crisis in the 2000’s. Slowly regaining its political stability today, ongoing challenges such as combatting heavy drug trafficking and rebuilding basic infrastructure with a limited budget, leaves little room for improved conditions of the poorest in the country. Therefore it is an optimal opportunity for Grundfos and Water2Life to make a difference here.

Froylan Turcios High School

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