We did it!

Through both Grundfos and contributions from colleagues in over 35 countries, Water2Life raised over $60,000. In result, we are pleased that our project instalment in San Isidro Hospital, Honduras will fully kick off soon.

Coupled with two of its exceptional ambassadors, Water2Life visited the hospital in mid-April 2018 to bring them the news. They were Olena Pyvovar from Grundfos Australia, who raised thousands of euros through hosting different initiatives and events, and Kristine Veilleux from Grundfos Denmark, who was the mastermind behind the necklace fundraising initiative.

Little did they know that the hospital had arranged a surprise party to welcome them, complete with locals and even members of congress in attendance. “We were overwhelmed by the gratitude that everyone had shown and were thrilled to present the combined cheque of $120,000, including the amount from Watermission,” says Jesper Richter Rasmussen, who runs the Water2Life project. “We were also able to meet the newly appointed Safe Water Committee; they are hospital employees and locals who will ensure the water system is up and running and will stay sustainable,” he adds.

Moving forward with excitement, execution of the project will fully kick off soon and be completed by the end of 2018. With the new water system that will be built, the hospital will be able to access more than 170,000 liters of water per day.

Much has changed at the hospital in the past few months. The municipality has finished a much-needed wastewater facility right next to the hospital, that will now contain and treat wastewater. The hospital has also cleaned up its hospital grounds and the grounds are now much less cluttered, without old equipment being scattered around.

“For our upcoming project, we aim to provide¬†access to safe water in schools. We went to one and I got a little teary when a boy courageously raised his hand and in his best English, thanked all of us, the staff, Water Mission and Water2life, for the visit and the fact that he and his friends will soon have access to safe water,” says¬†Kristine.