San Isidro Hospital, in the district of Colón, began operations in 1974 in an old building connected to the catholic church. In 1993 the construction of the building that is the hospital today, was finalised. It’s a facility that includes 79 beds for treatment, and 20 beds in the observation and Emergency area. According to regulatives, this hospital has capacity for 4526 patients per year, but since 2010 the number per year has been higher than 9000 patients, including 5000 births. The rising demand for hospital services in this once very basic hospital, now means that it provides most services in surgery, medicine and care.

But the physical surroundings: maintenance in the electrical systems, permanent water supply, maintenance of the buildings in general, drainage etc. has not kept up with the demand. There is simply not enough room in the budget. Grundfos and Water2Life can solve the water challenge San Isidro and other hospitals face. Our ambition is to create a safer environment for the patients and thus a better future for the local population through clean water.

“My Wish”
“I have wished for so long that we could provide our patients with a better recuperation environment and clean water here at San Isidro, which they deserve. Thankfully it is now underway!”

Little Hector
is visiting his mom who is hospitalized at San Isidro for a week without the possibility of a shower with clean water. Your donations will help to replace broken showers, install new sinks and fix the plumbing.

The people of San Isidro Hospital