Water2Life Necklace

Together with renowned jeweler PILGRIM, Water2Life has designed these 2 necklaces. They show the outlines of the American continents and attached is also a blue drop encased.

The American continents is shown to signify where our focus will be for the next couple of years, and the blue drop is of course linked to our mission for clean water.

We hope you like this beautiful necklace, and if you choose to buy it, 100% of your payment will go our charity projects.


Both necklaces consists of a zinc-base and then a silver- or gold coating. The blue drop is coloured glass.


The diameter is 2 cm.


 € 25.

  100% of your payment will go to the San Isidro Hospital project.

How to Buy:

You can order this necklace by speaking to your local Water2Life Ambassador. If you cannot locate your local Ambassador please reach out to Jesper Richter Rasmussen and he will assist you.