• India


GDP per capita, ranking #144th in the world

1,38 billion

People living in India, making it the second most populated country in the world

More than 50%

of the population in India do not have access to safely managed drinking water

What will Water2Life do?

Between 2021 and 2023 we aim to fundraise and donate more than  €120,000 to Hand in Hand India, that will repair and restore water bodies in several villages in Tamil Nadu, drill wells and provide additional clean sources of water to combat climate changes, expand the locals’ knowledge of hygiene and sanitation, and improve their crop yield through horticulture.

Our first project will revolve around Pattikadu village an hour’s drive outside Chennai. A community needs urgent repairs of their traditional water bodies that have deteriorated over time. The restoration is vital for the village to keep their water needs fulfilled. Additionally we will help them understand and utilize multiple different crops, that will over time provide the village with increased crop yield and increased income.

Our partner Hand in Hand India has extensive experience in this field, and we look forward to improving the quality of life for thousands of Indians over the coming years.

You can help this work come true by donating to the cause. Your donations will go directly to the Water2Life project, ensuring safe and clean water.