Froylan Turcios High School in Tocoa, Colón is the second project Water2Life is engaged in while in Honduras. The school is the largest public school in the city and area in general. The school has over two thousand students attending, ranging from 11 to 21 years of age, along with more than 130 teachers but none of them have access to clean water at school despite its large size.

Common to many countries and also to Honduras is that the schools are often a reflection of the society. The rich families take their children to private schools, while the poorer families send theirs to public school. In all private schools clean water is not an issue, but in Froylan Turcios, and many other public schools for that matter, the budget does not allow for a restoration of their water system. Ultimately it means that the families already struggling to make ends meet face additional challenges, that the children in the private schools are not burdened with.

Water2Life wants to provide students and faculty with clean water in the new year, so they can shower after sports, drink safe water during recess, and understand the value of clean water when they learn about agriculture.

The people of Froylan Turcios High School

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