Being an Ambassador has given me a unique opportunity to help where I can, and do my little part to create a better world.

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As an Ambassador you become part of a Grundfos network of dedicated employees that spread awareness of Water2Life to their colleagues, and help fundraise money for the project.

Being an Ambassador improves your network in Grundfos, allows you to participate in the idea creation and execution of Water2Life campaigns, and hopefully adds extra value to your day.

Here’s how one ambassador fundraised more than €10,000

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What does an Ambassador do?


There are 2 main purpose of Water2Life Ambassadors:

  1. To create awareness about Water2Life
  2. To fundraise for Water2Life

Both purposes can be said to be equally important. There are many ways to fulfill these purposes and at all times the Ambassador community will help you in any way they can. Your creativity is the limit!

As long as you are a Grundfos employee you can become a Water2Life Ambassador, all you need to have is passion about the cause.

So how do I create awareness and fundraise? Easy! The Water2Life coordinator can assist you with all the material you need to create awareness – posters, roll-ups, videos, information pieces etc. Fundraising is very much up to you and what you prefer: Do you want to bake a cake for your colleagues? Do you want to arrange a BBQ? Do you want to run for donations? It’s completely up to you.

A question often asked is: “How much time is required as an Ambassador?” The answer is: “Whatever time you think you can set aside.” It doesn’t matter if you have several hours a week or only have 1 hour per month. You will never be alone in your task as Ambassador, and everything is appreciated.

What are the benefits of becoming an Ambassador?

  1. You contribute to a better world in a very direct way
  2. You can significantly expand your network in Grundfos
  3. You get the chance to join travels to the project sites and meet the people whose lives we are helping
  4. You have the opportunity to test your ideas and engage your colleagues how you see fit
  5. You not only become an Ambassador for Water2Life but also for Grundfos
  6. You can become a role model for your colleagues and your manager


We hope you will join!

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