Being an Ambassador has given me a unique opportunity to help where I can, and do my little part to create a better world.

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As an Ambassador you become part of a Grundfos network of dedicated employees that spread awareness of Water2Life to their colleagues, and help fundraise money for the project.

Being an Ambassador improves your network in Grundfos, allows you to participate in the idea creation and execution of Water2Life campaigns, and hopefully adds extra value to your day.

Here’s how one ambassador fundraised more than €10,000

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What does an Ambassador do?

As an ambassador, you can play an active role in this mission and be part of a community that creates awareness, fundraises, and inspires engagement.

You join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a common goal of providing clean water to those in need.

Your role as an ambassador:

  • Play a crucial role in raising awareness about the Water2Life program and inspiring others to get involved in fundraising events. Start by ensuring that Water2Life is visually present in your department. We have the Roll-ups, Posters etc to do so. 

  • Participate actively in minimum 1 event per year.

  • Serve as a point of contact for your colleagues who want to participate in Water2Life initiatives and help them plan fundraising events in your local community.

  • Present Water2Life to minimum 1 department other than your own every year.

  • You also have the chance to help by selling Water2Life merchandise in your local department. 


Below you can see the yearly wheel we want to follow. Having few large events each year allows us to spar with each other, and help each other achieve the best possible results.


The time commitment for being an ambassador is flexible, ranging from 0.5-5 hours per month, depending on your availability. What matters most is that you are willing to help and be an advocate for the program.


  • You become directly involved in helping people get access to clean water.
  • Become a part of a community and network with like-minded colleagues.
  • Being a Water2Life ambassador provides you with the opportunity to develop valuable skills in communication, leadership, and project management that can enhance your personal and professional growth.
  • You will grow your network in Grundfos
  • You can unleash your creativity in the planned events or your own, and you will play an important part of making your colleagues #ProudToBeGrundfos
  • Finally, Ambassadors can both win and earn trips to Water2Life project sites.
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