Being an Ambassador has given me a unique opportunity to help where I can, and do my little part to create a better world.

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Become a Water2Life Ambassador today!

As an Ambassador you become part of a Grundfos network of dedicated employees that spread awareness of Water2Life to their colleagues, and help fundraise money for the project.

Being an Ambassador improves your network in Grundfos, allows you to participate in the idea creation and execution of Water2Life campaigns, and hopefully adds extra value to your day.

What does an Ambassador do?


The main purpose of Water2Life Ambassadors is to create awareness about the project and to create events for colleagues that can help fundraise for the good cause. There are many ways to do  these things, and the Ambassador community will help you in any way they can. To assist you as an Ambassador:

  1. Marketing material such as posters, roll-ups and information brochures will be available
  2. A Water2Life Sharepoint site filled with images, information and an Idea Bank will be available
  3. A Yammer page where you can share your event pictures and discuss ideas for future events with fellow Ambassadors
  4. A dedicated ressource that will assist you and create new material that suits your needs.


Furthermore, as an Ambassador you will have an exclusive chance to win a trip to Honduras, to see the changes we are creating, meet the people whose lives we are helping to improve, and live the Water2Life project.

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